Todd GerlemanTodd Gerleman has spent more than a dozen years in the mortgage industry, so he has seen almost everything. He has certainly seen most of the industry’s ups and downs. The only constant in the mortgage industry is change, which is why Todd believes it’s important to always be flexible. The rules and the regulations are always being tweaked and adjusted, so it’s always necessary to be able to change to meet whatever challenges come along. In Todd Gerleman’s opinion, the government became very involved after the 2008 recession and they have perhaps over-regulated by now.

It is that ability to be flexible enough to deal with regulatory changes and his ability to be able to find a mortgage solution for anyone that make Todd Gerleman one of the best mortgage loan originators in the business. Todd can currently be found at Finance Of America, LLC, in their Edina, Minnesota branch, where he will be able to take advantage of in-house underwriting and processing to get the best deals for his clients, without having to traverse the country to obtain those services.

Todd Gerleman is also the founder and owner of Gman Marketing Services, which is an Internet marketing company. That is because Todd has a keen understanding of that market. He also understands the importance of setting and accomplishing goals for success, which is why he encourages his clients in both industries to come up with a plan and then follow through. Through Gman, Todd Gerleman helps clients adjust to the advancements in technology to helps clients develop a successful marketing and business plan by leveraging the power of the Internet. He must be doing something right, because Gman Marketing Services is thriving, based primarily on positive referrals from happy clients.